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Jackie and Stacy Baker Worship

501(C)(3) Charitable Organization

Jackie and Stacy Baker Worship's most cherished calling is to bring people into encounters with the living God.  We do this when leading worship at churches & ministries and when recording intimate moments of worship and placing it on Youtube.  There's nothing greater than to watch someone run head first into Jesus.  There's nothing greater than seeing someone embrace the full work of the Holy Spirit - the Word of God opens to them and worship becomes a true meeting with God.

We are so honored that you would consider partnering financially with our ministry.  To us, this means that you are linking together with us and helping us do what we cannot do alone: take the knowledge of the glory of God to places where it's unknown.  To know that you want to become part of this vision, blesses us and humbles us tremendously.

If you prefer to mail a check, you can make the check out to

Jackie and Stacy Baker Worship

PO Box 950561

Lake Mary, FL 32795-0561

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